Poem/lyric/song- “Luciferi Exelci”; a statement of belief.

“LUCIFERI EXELCI”: By Willam Baker 2013(C)


Io Pan! Forward I emerge from the shadows.

Upward I rise to divine self glory.

I, self illumined, smash through shards of darkened windows,

to set my throne aright and rewrite my story.


Cast down, fallen from the limitless light of mother Ain Sophia

My Daa’ther forsakes me to dimensions of matter.

Unperturbed by this shroud of blackened mysteria.

I emanate interior light and shine forth my standard.


P’tah, P’tah, P’tah


Weaving in, out, and through strands of cosmos

piercing the minds of beings above and below.

Igniting the flame of Yaldabaoth in them flow.


P’tah, P’tah, P’tah


~Chorus~: So bright in my darkness, illusions I break.

So dark in my brightness, foundations of lies I shake.

So divine in my fleshly way, so extolled in spirit

Love, liberty, free will in example, demiurge spirit.

Luciferi Exelci- I lead the way.


I am the true light that breaks forth from darkness


Forethought incarnate, Prometheus I become.

My heart, my torch I’ve stolen from elysium.

Immaculate it’s conception, shrine of engulfing light,

Morning star, bearer of creation, justice, and freedom.


P’tah, I spit the light before the slaves…declaring emancipation!


~Chorus again~


Ea Enki-Lucifer, Ea-Enki-Prometheus, Ea Enki-Quetzquatl(X3)


Gods of tyranny, leeches thou art- I crush!

Yahveh, Zeus, Allah, and others with no heart.

Phanes, Melek Taus, Samael, I merge with thee

In love, in true free-will, victory in absolute liberty!


Baphomet, Yin-Yang, Phi-God, Grand Architect- breathe in me/us!


~Chorus again~: