Anonymous: “Wear V/Guy Fawkes masks, protest, march on D.C. November 5th, 2013”

Remember, Remember!

Anonymous To All, Wear Your Guy Fawkes Mask On November 5th, 2013

ANONYMOUS Declaration of Freedom Nov 5 2013

#Nov5th 2013: Anonymous pledges to hack govt websites globally on Guy Fawkes Day

March On D.C.

In solidarity with Anonymous, Occupy, The march on D.C., and human rights and civil liberties activists around the world I myself will wear my V mask on Nov 5th, 2013 and carry a sign in my own city{perhaps at City Hall or at The Provincial building, or simply just walking around in public dooing so}. I encourage others in my city/area to join in and encourage others in other cities to do the same. The time has come to fight, blood, sweat, and tears, through the mists of their oppression we shall gain liberty and justice!!! We are legion! We do not forgive, we do not forget. Remember!


The Peoples Luciferian


Steven Greer Presents Contact Disclosure, The Final Sequence – Time For Truth – Sirius Movie

Dr. Steven Greer, head of the internationally renowned “Disclosure Project” presenting a lecture about the Extra-terrestrial presence on Earth and the intentions of the E.T.’s, and about the secret/shadow govt’s conspiracy of silence and misinformation about the ET/Ufo phenomena. This comes on the heels of Dr.Greers groundbreaking documentary “Sirius” showing conclusive proof of it all, which he presented recently to the U.S. govt.

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