Hail Satan at Texas state capital

Hail Satan at Texas state capital

Following are the primary comments{I’ve made others as well there} I made to this article and the accompanying video therein in the comments section under the article on infowars.com:

“I’m not convinced yet that this video is not doctored, it does’nt seem that that girl or anyone else in the video is actually hearing the “hail satans”, they seem to be oblivious to these loud chants, would’nt they be reacting in some way{probably in a frightended or disturbed way} if this was’nt doctores or added to the video? Furthermore, if it IS real, did it not occur that perhaps the activists were being sarcastic making fun of these fundy pseudochristian anti-abortionists for their hypocrisy, you know making a point{btw, I could one guys voice over the others, so indications are that not ALL the pro-chociers were shouting it, unless it was a very small crowd of them}: fundy christians ALWAYS get to speak loudly in public and at these sorts of public or govt events/buildings[and also in public}, they get INVITED by the govts/etc to do so, no one ever invites a satanist[or really anyone else for that matter} to give speeches from their perspective{rarely ever even Jews or Muslims; their fellow abrahamics /revealed religionists} in North America and in places like the UK. They ask, they usually get turned down. Pseudo-Christians{evangelical/fundamentalist/born againers; whether Catholic or Protestant} have an elite monopoly in such contexts in Western Society, allmost always given special privelaghes over every other religious path, view, or ideology, privelages given them by the state and by much of western public{majority}. Perhaps these pro-choicers were making the point- fundy christians and so on can get away with this stuff in public and govt buildings…perhaps they decided “hey, would’nt it be funny and also make a point if we just started “hail satan”, we’re not all satanists{most of us are’nt} but it would send a point about the special privelages fundy/etc pseudo-christians get that are’nt affordned anyone else/any other religion in the west, but to make our point simply shouting something of the other big 4, lets use the most demonized minority alternative religion…satanism.”. FACT: Most pro-choicers are not satanists{most I’ve ever met have been either liberal christians or Neo-Pagans, or rationanlists and materialists such as atheists, agnostics, and deists}. Not all satanists are pro-abortion, though most are{for political reasons and ethical ones, not religious ones}. Some satanists are pro-life in the abortion issues for their own reasons. Many christians are pro-choice too. I think either this video is doctored OR the protesters{the pro-choice ones} were just trying to make a point as I mentioned above. And btw, there is a reason why the Uk Church of Satan said what they said in response to it, because Satanism is’nt all about diabolicism{especially in a context that will just make the rest of the world continue the negative stereotypes about satanism}. The comment in the article above “Apparently the butchering of 20-week old children is too diabolical for
even Satan! But it’s considered a “right” by U.S. abortion advocates” is like someone assuming Christians practice cannibalism{which the Romans once did to the early Christians…due to the Christians symbolism of eating the flesh and drinking the blood of christ,etc; they misintrpreted christians/christianity symbolisms and meanings just as the writer of the article has misintrepted the symbolims and meaning of Satanism to Satanists}. In either case, mountain out of molehill here. Ohh a percentage of pro-choice activists shout “hail satan” to make a political point about unjust hypocrisy and/or to poke fun, and even if a few people there were satanists themselves{it defies reality to assume they all were}-this is somehow proof that ALL pro-choicers are satanists and on top of that reverse christian devil worshippers…oh and that the govt is too because a few got away with shouting hail satan for a few seconds in public, PULLLEASE!!! If that is proof of some big satanist conspiracy than the wealth and power at the disposal of mainstream christian fundys in north america is proof of a christian conspiracy. Come on!”


…and these comments made by another poster by the name of Dan- which are important to include: “Sorry, but I have to call BS on this one. It could be anti-abortion protestors also since we don’t see who is actually saying “hail Satan.” Moreover, the audio of the ‘hail satan’ could have been inserted in the footage on a separate audio track.”

My response to Dan below:

“I also pointed out that no one in the pro-life crowd there, including the speech giver, seem to be aware that this chanting is going on. You’d think if this was actually occuring that they would look over in fear or disgust or confusion or ask them politely to let them finish their speech, but nope…these people seem oblivious to these chants. does’nt this raise anyone doubts as to the authenticity of this video?”



2 thoughts on “Hail Satan at Texas state capital

  1. mbman says:

    Anything that will discredit the pro abortion side in the eyes of the public, is good publicity for the pro life side. So even without watching the video, I call BS.

  2. will9baker says:

    Hey Mbman, thanks for your comment 😀

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