An open letter to Alex Jones, David Icke, George Noory, and other conspiratologists…

…By, Another conspiratologist, namely me.

This is an open letter to Alex Jones, David Icke and other leading conspiratologists who erroneously call the NWO sociopathic elites “Luciferians” and/or “Satanists, as well as “New Agers”, “Crowleyians”, “NeoPagans”,etc” and who erroneously lump all these paths together at that. This isn’t AS directed at George Noory and coast to coast a.m since they are not as bad with this scapegoating and errors in logic and connection, though Dear Mr.Noory, if you would be so kind…I ask you to read this and consider the requests I am making to these other leading conspiratologists for yourselves as well, since it does make it’s way into your content{this scapegoating of Luciferianism and Satanism..all sects and adherents thereof} a bit, also to my personal fave Jesse Ventura{who does’nt really get much into the luciferianism/satanism/new ageism scapegoating himself, but this is still important for you as well Governor Ventura}.

To Mr Jones and Mr.Icke, and co.

For years you have been alledging that the NWO elites are SPECIFICALLY “Luciferians” and/or “Satanists” and scapegoating the entirety of these paths and all of their subsects and adherents based on your strawman arguments and a-priori biases and prejudices{pre-concieved false notions} against Such, as well as against New Agers[and all it’s sects and adherents} and Paganism[all sects/adherents}, All of Freemasonry, all Illuminism{including all of the Illuminati}, all occult and mystic reeligions in all their sects{and adherents}, also falsely lumping these ALL together.

Your evidence? Older debunked research, and mis-indentifying symbols used by SOME elites and/or by SOME of these paths in SOME contexts, lumping them together into one big strawman filled hypothesis.

I personally have tried sending Mr.Jones letters{or rather PM’s on via facebook pages} to discuss this and to provide the facts on these paths and counter-evidence agianst his own, to try to diplomatically inform him so he and others will stop these false allegations and accusations, this scapegoating, this witch hunt! No avail! I sent him a few messages, he never responded.

I’m not going to outline all the facts and evidence in this post/letter. Much of this is avaliable elsewhere on my blog as well as all over the net and elsewhere. Nor am I going to here get into more specific examples of the errors of logic, faulty research, and false dot connecting, and the obvious a-priori prejudice you make. I will in further additions to my blog explain and inform of the errors you make in your accusations and the info/research you have done/provided obviously isn’t very nuanced or expansive, making alot of false assumptions and errors in knowledge about these paths.

Rather, here, I simply ask you to look at the evidence and arguments provided elsewhere on this blog and also on the net{and Mr.Jones, I have provided many posts on your sites articles, especially as of recent days{the last couple weeks, It is late July 2013} providing tons of evidence and nuanced, diplomatic, informative arguments and posts to inform you and your readers of the errors you make in your obsession with persecuting and scapegoating anything not christian{or YOUR fundamentalist, conservative brand of it anyways}…especially Luciferianism, Satanism, and the other afforementioned religions/traditions/paths{and subsects and adherents}.

Furthermore, I ask that you interview leading Luciferians, Satanists, New Agers, Neopagans, and others with an open heart and mind to consider what they have to say, about their paths/these religions and the allegations you level against us all. Give us a chance to defend ourselves; in interview format perhaps or something. Google “J eremy Crow Luciferian” for example{a head of The Ordo Luciferi and of the Luciferian Research Society}, he is a “Gnostic Luciferian”, or the heads of the Neo-Luciferian Church of Denmark{A Neo-gnostic sect}. just google their organization. John Allee is a good Satanist leader to talk to if you’re gonna talk to a Satanist{he has a website “satanism central” or church of, google it}- I reccomend him because he has the most diverse knowledge of Satanism and can properly represent on behalf of Modern or atheistic as well as theistic and spiritual Satanisms, whereas if you were to talk to a representative of Anton Laveys “Church of Satan”{CoS} they act like a monopoly and are more a cult of personality surrounding the figure of Lavey and his Objectivism/Randianism, so you will get a very dogmatic view of Satanism from them, with Allee, it is more nuanced and well reserahed and not just a cult of personality. These are merely reccomendations of course, but I ask you to take this into serious consideration, These are some of the best, most knowledgeable leaders of Luciferian and Satanist religion. Please perhaps consider also a reprsentative of a New Age path and a Neo-pagan one too, I have no reccomendations for you of their leaders or major thinkers. My main focus here is to encourage you to talk to and perhaps interview for your sites or radioshows, videos,etc, some of these leading figures in Luciferianism and Satanism. If you like and are willing, I’d be wiling to chat with you in a written interview and/or one of your radio shows and set the record straight if given opportunity, though it would be better for you to interview/talk to the afforementioned individuals I mentioned.

This is a SERIOUS and SINCERE request to you Mr.Jones, Mr.Icke, Mr.Noory, Mr.Ventura{mainly only because Mr.Jones is one of your main go too guys}, etc; especially to you Mr.Jones since you feature these allegations much more often and vehemently than the others it seems.

I implore you to take my suggestion and request under serious consideration, give us a chance to defend ourselves before accusing.

For now, I refer you to my post on this blog here called “On Bohemian Grove and the religion of the global power elites” as well as the other posts on my blog. To understand and know what Luciferianism ACTUALLY IS as well, what we ACTUALLY Believe and/or practice, and it’s history and origins. I link to many other Luciferian sites and resources in a couple of these posts. As for the other paths mentioned I am not of them specifically, though I know and understand their paths in most cases fairly well, I will allow them to defend themselves and merely show my support for them by asking you to talk to some of them or some of their leading lights. Regarding Satanism, “satanismcentral” is the best, most accurate site explaining Satanism in my personal opinion.  And regarding Illuminism and also the Illuminati, my post on this blog called “What is Illuminism” is a good start.

Thank you for your time, attention, and consideration{if indeed you give it such at all in a spirit of fairness}.

The Peoples Luciferian

Will Baker.

LVX Populi!


Update: more specific info.

Please read Jones, Icke, Noory and others.: I reply to inform you of your
misconceptions. Please read for the facts, because you have much
misunderstanding of these things. Lucifer is NOT Satan, nor is
Luciferianism=Satanism, explained here and now: Satanists and Illuminati
totally different things, and you not only misunderstand and misrepresent Luciferianism{which is my own path and the path I primarily focus on defedning here} but also Satanism and Illuminism and the Illuminati. I am a Luciferian and you are completely
incorrect about Luciferianism. I am not a “Satanist”. At least no more
or less so than I am a Thelemite, a neopagan, a new ager, a taoist, or a
Christian. All paths that have influenced and inspired me on and my
path, but I’m not directly of any of those labels/paths, just influenced

Nor is Satanism what you seem to think it is. Here is a Q&A page from and about ACTUAL Satanism:

As for Luciferianism, it is not synonymous with Satanism anymore than
Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and sikhism are synonymous with each
Because The 3 abrahamic faiths and sikhism share some similar
influences, ideas, and symbols, but also have some very different ones
as well; the same is true regarding Luciferianism and Satanism.

Lucifer and Satan have different etymological, cultural, historical
origins, meanings, and implications, as do Satanism and Luciferianism.
Lucifer isn’t even a biblical character, unlike satan. You will likely
referance the passage in Isaiah that you erronenously think Lucifer is
mentioned in, but you are incorrect; That passage is mistranslated by
fundy christians. Contextually and
originally the passage did not and does not say ‘Lucifer”, it merely
says ‘how art thou fallen oh הילל בן שחר (hêlêl ben šāḥar)”{merely
morning star/son of the dawn”. In Isaiah supposedly about Lucifers fall never said Lucifer. It
referred to a human babylonian king whose poetic title was moring
star/son of the dawn. Yes Luciferians use “morning star” as a
title for Lucifer but we get it not from Isaiah but from where Lucifer
originates in greek myth, as a referance to the planet Venus as the
last bright object in the sky just before daybreak}, btw> Jesus
Christ also refers to himself as “morning star” in Revelations.

Are you aware that the
Christian church did not even use Lucifer as another name for their
satan or devil until about the 1300’s a.d.{or c.e}? And it was’nt even
really a popularly used name for satan or the devil until around the
time Goethe wrote his poems about hell and poet John Milton wrote
“paradise lost” just a few centuries ago. The passage in Isaiah never
said Lucifer, and the early Church fathers and early christians knew
this. Furthermore, the passage in Isaiah does not refer to the fall of
an angel or demon, it refers contextually to a very human babylonian
kings fall.

There is no basis in the Bible or elsewhere really for equating Lucifer as satan or the devil/diabolus nor as mephistopheles.

Here is what Luciferianism ACTUALLY is and what actual/real
Luciferians believe{it’s not what you think it is}: “Who or what is
Lucifer? and what is Luciferianism?”=

Luciferianism has nothing to do with the NWO elites. There is no
proof that it does, just disinformation and misinformation rhetoric from
fundamentalist christians. Luciferianism opposes all forms of
tyranny/oppression and is based on principles of love, light, life,
liberty, freewill & Truewill, and justice.

Luciferian scriptures{ a collection of quotes and links to actual Luciferian writing:

Lucifer was first used by the ancient greeks to refer to the planet
venus in it’s morning glory as the brightest object in the dawn sky just
before daybreak. And Lucifer archetypcally{see Psychollogisst Carl
Jungs theories on ‘archetypes”} is Prometheus{a very compassionae and
philanthropic deity who opposes Zeus’s tyranny over humans},
Enki{sumerian}, Quetzequatl{Aztec}, amongst others. Lucifer comes from
the latin words lvx/lux and ferrer{light and bearer/light-bearer} not
from the hebrew scriptures. Whereas Satan comes from the hebrew Ha-satan
“the adversary/opposer” whom in Jewish scriptures was not a fallen
angel even but rather worked willingly qwith and for the heavanl;y Judge
Yahveh as his heavanly court prosecuter and as an angel Yahveh sent to
‘oppose” humans works on his behalf, and there is even a etymollgical
theory postulating that the hebrews got their word satan from a combo of
two Sanscrit/vedantic words “SAT”{pure existance/BEING} and
“TAN”{emanating or unfolding from/BECOMING} or ‘eternal truth” and that
the Jews may have pulled an etymological and cultural inversion[however
this is disputable}. Satan means ‘adverary” and archetypally is
Zoroastrainisms/ancient Persias Ahriman/Angra Mainyu, and egypts Set.
Totally different[Lucifer and Satan; Luciferianism and Satanism}.

Luciferianism is actually based in pirnciples of love, light, life, liberty/free-will and true will, justice, anti-oppression.

And it is NOT anti-christian inherently, either. In fact some sects and individuals in gnostic and new age Luciferianism see Lucifer and Christ as brother beings or energies or eve as two aspects of the same being or energy. Some talk of Lucifer bearing the light..that is Christ, he/it paves the way for initation into Christhood{or christ-conciousness}- that is, to become Christ-like, to become an illuminated messiah. I am one of those.

Please do some more cross-referanced objective research before
spreading midinformation/disinfo, strawman arguments, and erroneous

The NWO elites are NOT Luciferian. there is nothing specifically
Luciferian in their plans nor in their religious iconography. There are
allusions to certain satanist and luciferian and/or new age and/or
neopagan influence in some of their religious stuff, but also christian
stuff{amongast others}. Many of these people do this stuff but also go
to church. It’s not that they are sincere about one and insincere about
another. They are what is called in the occult world “Chaotes” or “Chaos
Magick” users, with no particular religious paradigm. Google chaotism
and chaos magick to learn more.

Luciferianism main symbol- “the sigil of lucifer”{which has never been used by the elites  in any thing}:

“On Bohemian Grove and the religion of the power elites”

“An open letter to Alex Jones, David Icke, George Noory, and other
conspiratologists…”{or to pseudo-conspiratologists as it were}:

To those calling it the “Illuminati”:
“What IS Illuminism”{and who/what were the Illuminati, what did the stand for/against?}:

The actual Illuminati symbol
was’nt even the all seeing eye pyramid. I was the minerval owl, said to
represent wisdom and the ability to see in/through the dark. It’s sad
all the false info out there scapegoating what was/is a nobel
movement/philosophy, which sadly misleads people from blaming those whom
ACTUALLY deserve the blame and tarnish something that is actually for
their liberty

“10 facts about the ACTUAL Illuminati”

“The Illuminati fought for democracy”:

Please learn the facts before scapegoating a religion, any religion,
or any group, cast off stereotypes, learn objective facts, let go of
your bigotry and PREjudice and misundertsandings that lead you to
misreprsent{misinfo.disinfo} certain groups or paths and in so dooing
take the focus off of those who actually should be getting blamed, this
scapegoating of these paths is just a distraction and a lie.

Thank you for reading and considering.


“Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: HAARP”

This video is an episode of “”Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura” on the topic of HAARP{The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program}. A secret{but obvious} experiment consisting of over 100 large antennas set up in Alaska, which can be used to manipulate or control the weather{create or push clouds and jet streams around to manipulate weather patterns and create dangerous weather} as well as has mind control/manipulation applications. Of course, those behind it say it’s nothing of this sorts, but as this video explains..that is a lie, they can and do use it for such.

I will be dooing an article soon on HAARP and also “Chemtrails” and how they are used in conjunction for these afforementioned purposes, and I will be referancing some specific dangerous and unexpected weather that has caused major problems all over, specifically I will be referring to The recent two mile wide Tornado that nearly obliterated a city in Oklahoma, as well as freak storms in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and elsewhere, as well as my own home city. Stay tuned for that, coming soon….

Lux Populi!

Hail Satan at Texas state capital

Hail Satan at Texas state capital

Following are the primary comments{I’ve made others as well there} I made to this article and the accompanying video therein in the comments section under the article on

“I’m not convinced yet that this video is not doctored, it does’nt seem that that girl or anyone else in the video is actually hearing the “hail satans”, they seem to be oblivious to these loud chants, would’nt they be reacting in some way{probably in a frightended or disturbed way} if this was’nt doctores or added to the video? Furthermore, if it IS real, did it not occur that perhaps the activists were being sarcastic making fun of these fundy pseudochristian anti-abortionists for their hypocrisy, you know making a point{btw, I could one guys voice over the others, so indications are that not ALL the pro-chociers were shouting it, unless it was a very small crowd of them}: fundy christians ALWAYS get to speak loudly in public and at these sorts of public or govt events/buildings[and also in public}, they get INVITED by the govts/etc to do so, no one ever invites a satanist[or really anyone else for that matter} to give speeches from their perspective{rarely ever even Jews or Muslims; their fellow abrahamics /revealed religionists} in North America and in places like the UK. They ask, they usually get turned down. Pseudo-Christians{evangelical/fundamentalist/born againers; whether Catholic or Protestant} have an elite monopoly in such contexts in Western Society, allmost always given special privelaghes over every other religious path, view, or ideology, privelages given them by the state and by much of western public{majority}. Perhaps these pro-choicers were making the point- fundy christians and so on can get away with this stuff in public and govt buildings…perhaps they decided “hey, would’nt it be funny and also make a point if we just started “hail satan”, we’re not all satanists{most of us are’nt} but it would send a point about the special privelages fundy/etc pseudo-christians get that are’nt affordned anyone else/any other religion in the west, but to make our point simply shouting something of the other big 4, lets use the most demonized minority alternative religion…satanism.”. FACT: Most pro-choicers are not satanists{most I’ve ever met have been either liberal christians or Neo-Pagans, or rationanlists and materialists such as atheists, agnostics, and deists}. Not all satanists are pro-abortion, though most are{for political reasons and ethical ones, not religious ones}. Some satanists are pro-life in the abortion issues for their own reasons. Many christians are pro-choice too. I think either this video is doctored OR the protesters{the pro-choice ones} were just trying to make a point as I mentioned above. And btw, there is a reason why the Uk Church of Satan said what they said in response to it, because Satanism is’nt all about diabolicism{especially in a context that will just make the rest of the world continue the negative stereotypes about satanism}. The comment in the article above “Apparently the butchering of 20-week old children is too diabolical for
even Satan! But it’s considered a “right” by U.S. abortion advocates” is like someone assuming Christians practice cannibalism{which the Romans once did to the early Christians…due to the Christians symbolism of eating the flesh and drinking the blood of christ,etc; they misintrpreted christians/christianity symbolisms and meanings just as the writer of the article has misintrepted the symbolims and meaning of Satanism to Satanists}. In either case, mountain out of molehill here. Ohh a percentage of pro-choice activists shout “hail satan” to make a political point about unjust hypocrisy and/or to poke fun, and even if a few people there were satanists themselves{it defies reality to assume they all were}-this is somehow proof that ALL pro-choicers are satanists and on top of that reverse christian devil worshippers…oh and that the govt is too because a few got away with shouting hail satan for a few seconds in public, PULLLEASE!!! If that is proof of some big satanist conspiracy than the wealth and power at the disposal of mainstream christian fundys in north america is proof of a christian conspiracy. Come on!”


…and these comments made by another poster by the name of Dan- which are important to include: “Sorry, but I have to call BS on this one. It could be anti-abortion protestors also since we don’t see who is actually saying “hail Satan.” Moreover, the audio of the ‘hail satan’ could have been inserted in the footage on a separate audio track.”

My response to Dan below:

“I also pointed out that no one in the pro-life crowd there, including the speech giver, seem to be aware that this chanting is going on. You’d think if this was actually occuring that they would look over in fear or disgust or confusion or ask them politely to let them finish their speech, but nope…these people seem oblivious to these chants. does’nt this raise anyone doubts as to the authenticity of this video?”


What is “Illuminism”

Contrary to popular misunderstanding, Illuminism does not equal “Illuminati”. However The Illuminati{The Bavarian Illuminati or “order of perfectablists”, founded by professor Adm Weishupt in 17} is a type of Illuminism, but not the ONLY, nor the FIRST/original Illuminism. Nearly a century before Weishupt founded the Illuminati order there was a group/movement the ‘Alambrados”- Spanish Illuminists. Their doctrine was that Illuminism is to attain divine enlightenment or connection to God/the divine{by whatever name/title one calls it; the Alambrados were largely mystic christians, but also a precursor to mystical deism and panentheism} by contemplation alone{this includes things such as intellectual contemplation, meditation, and gnosis from within}. They were short lived movement but made their mark and influence on Weishupts Illuminati and other forms of Illuminism. This is the spiritual/mystical/theological aspect of true Illuminism

The rest of what Illuminism IS can be summed up by the words of Weishupt. Writing on what characteristics are needed in a person to be a canditate for initation into his Illuminati order, he said:

the secret schools of wisdom, or the western mystery paths and traditions “were always the archives of nature and of the rights of man; through their agency, man will recover from his fall: Princes and nations, without violence, will vanish from the Earth; the human race will become one family, and the world the habitation of rational beings. Moral science alone will effect these reforms ‘imperceptibly'”, adding “yes, a time shall come when man shall aknowledge no other law but the great book of nature”{a Deistic/Pantheistic principal}.

Weishupt added that these following traits would signify whether one was a candidate for his order, however “Illuminism” in general also rests on these traits and principals or characteristics, regardless of Weishupts organization -which one does not need and never needed to join to be an “Illuminist”; these charcter traits and principals are as folows, as written by Weishupt:

“Whoever does not close his ear to the lamentations of the miserable, nor his heart to gentle pity; whoever is the friend and brother of the unfortunate; whoever has a heart capable of love and friendship; whoever is steadfast in adversity, unwearied in the carrying out of whatever has been engaged in, undaunted in the overcoming of difficulties; whoever does not mock and despise the weak; whose soul is susceptible of conceiving great designs, desirous of rising superior to all base motives, and of distinguishing itself by deeds of benevolence; whoever shuns idleness; whoever considers no knowledge as unessential which he may have the opportunity of acquiring, regarding the knowledge of manking as his chief study; whoever, when truth and virtue are in question, despising the approbation of the multitude, is sufficiently courageous to follow the dictates of his own heart- such a one is a proper candidate[for Weishups Illuminati}”

– regardless of whether they join an Illuminist org[such as the Illuminati} or not, regardless of whatever paths they may folow or be inspired by, if they have these character traits and believe God{the divine} and divine wisdom can be understood, perceived, and understood, that enlightenment, or divine Illumination can be achieved via contemplation alone{which includes meditation, contemplation, and today one can also add the “psychic”..that of MIND…whether conceived intellectually or through trancendence of physical brain/mind towards the shared universal divine conciousness}…such a individual is and can be called “Illuminist”.

Now, this article is meant to be on what “Illuminism” IS and as a defense for Weishupts organaization, and to counter the accusations that the NWO elites are the Illuminati[which can be factually proven wrong, as Weishupts Illuminati was as all Illuminism is, opposed to the abusive, corrupt, oppressive or repressive and unjust powers of aristocracy, monarchy, state, state religion, fundamentalist religion or fundamentalist anything,etc}. Weishupts Illuminati was taken down by the corrupt establishment and never fulfilled it’s goals, which his organization had it’s flaws as they promoted and fought for egalitarian values for the people but had a authroitative heirarchy within the organization itself…not for malovolent purposes but merely so that it could remain secret and they could so subvert the corrupt powers that be, given the time…such secrecy was essential to achieving these ends. But infighting and corruption sunk into the org as well as well as Weishuopt himself; thus it was found out and the organization was outlawed by the church/officials, state, and monarchs/aristocrats/etc.It is plausable that some Illuminati members managed to continue the legacy and work on secretly, but if so…they would be today the same as they were…anti-corrupt establishments and abusive powers and for justice and liberty for all individuals, and indeed there are today organizations that can be fouind on the internet for example which purport to carry on Weishupts Iluminatis work and in his/their original motivations and intents, that of subverting and taking down the corrupt powers that be, not to replace them as tyrants themselves, but to move the world forward, to progress it. Furthermore, the work of the Illuminati is much more alike the works of groups such as Wikileaks and Anonymous than it is with the global sociopathic power elites. Thus the labelling of the New World Order power elites as “Illuminati” is a falsehood. If they even considered themselves “Illuminati”..they would be against the things they are dooing as power elites, not for. Thus, even if they did call themselves such{which there is no evidence that they do}..they’d no more be truly the Illuminati or truly “Illuminists” than the crusaders, inquisitors, witch-hunters,etc, were genuine “Christians”.

In closing what the Alambrados taught theologically/mystically and what Weishupt taught as Illuminist character traits, this is what Illuminism IS.

This little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine  😉 will you let yours?  ;D

In love, light, liberty, justice, and “true” free-will