Ufo’s disguising themselves as “stars”{letter to newspaper}

Thought I’d share this important info here about UFO’s cloaking as “stars”. The following is a letter to my local newspaper about the issue.

“Pay close attention next time you star-gaze, for moving/flying “stars”.
I have noticed many times in the night skys over Brandon/Westman in
recent months stationary stars that start gliding, flying, and dooing
maneuvers that no known aircraft do, add to that the fact they actually
appear to be ‘stars”, sometimes it will be one or two, one time several
weeks ago I noticed one and then the stars surrounding it, looked
allmost like a constellation, suddenly four or five of them were dooing
strange moves{some fast, some slow}. When this occurs it is usually a
clear night and no visible ordinary aircraft are in the sky most of the
time{though sometimes I’ve noticed what appear to be military planes or
satellites monitoring them.
If you try when you see them, they may
even read your thoughts for you…if you direct their movements for
example{in a obvious way}, though other times they will just ignore you.

googled these things{ “star ufo’s” or ‘Ufos disguised as stars”} and
found this is a fairly recent and ever growing development with more and
more people seeing them internationally. Go online and just google it,
there are even videos on youtube and elsewhere of these things, I even
came acrossed a U.S. news station report on it and they caught one of
these things on camera themselves whilst dozens of onlookers looked on
at the phenomena.

These are not satellites, ordinary
govt/civic/military craft{they COULD be black budget back-engineered
secret military craft of course, the govt/military/etc has no right to
screw with the publics mind this way if so}. They are not flares,
weather or other balloons, and they are most certainly not a prank
pulled{one would have to be a multi-billionaire to pull this off, and
even then…the technology would’nt be avaliable to most of them even}. I
dare anyone who is skeptical to try star gazing a bit more and more
often, eventually many of them will also notice these things?

are they? Who is behind them? What are their motivations and
intentions? There’s no way the govt does’nt know about them! Even our
local city govt has to be aware of them as does Shilo military base{p.s.
why all the chemtrailing over the area lately? What are you dooing to
our environment and to to us and other crfeatures that live in our
environment? The chemtrails-Which, sometimes, seems to be linked to the
same days/nights as some UFO sightings}. It is their duty to find out
whats going on, who is behind it, and whether they pose a threat to our
security or not, but unfortunately they will deny it and take no
responsibility as they should, even though the evidence for it is so
great and so many people are seeing tyhese things{google it, you’ll
see}. If you have not yet witnessed these craft/objects that appear at
first to be stars and this mind boggling phenomena I encourage everyone
to start star gazing a bit more, some of you WILL eventually see it{if
not immediately}. Now I ask our local govt{and all govt/authority} to
look into this and be honest with the public about what they know and do
not know about it, but at least…aknowledge it. This may or may not be
a threat to public security, but it’s real! And it’s the govts job to
make sure they are not a threat to anyones safety. Or else they are not
dooing their job and should be demoted from their positions.

else who has seen or does see these things now, I encourage you to
write letters to the paper about it, demand investigative action and
truth from our authorities, please come forward with the information, or
else nothing will be done about it. It is time for disclosure to take
place, these ‘star” masked craft/objects are just the latest phenomena
to become more common of UFO phenomena, the evidence and proof for this
is far to great ato be denied any further or ignored any further by the
govt and military/authorities and the citizens both! This is REAL! And
as such as some pretty major implications..and to ignore these may be
hazardous to us. And it is also time for whoever or whatever are behind
these star like craft/objects and other Unidentified flying objects and
linked phenomena to reveal themselves and their
motivations/intentions….benevolent, malevolent, or neutral!

closing. Keep your eyes on the stars. And share your obserations and
experiences regarding these phenomena or craft/etc. Maybe some of you
have had even more direct encounters with whoever or whatever is behind
these star looking craft or others, close encounters of the 4th kind or
5th kind, I encourage you to share your experiences, given the evidence
for UFO’s and star looking ones and for the probability of intelligent
life being existant within the cosmos and even close to us and perhaps
visiting us is so great now. No more denial! The people{who are paying
attention} demand full disclosure!

Lastly. The Brandon Sun{and
other media} should do it’s{their} own investigation into these matters,
but I suspect they won’t..unless pushed to! I’ll be surprised if this
letter is even printed. But it is my hope that the B.S. will print this
and allow the public to decide their own verdicts on this very real

A link to a couple videos proving this phenomena; ““Night Vision UFO Hunting”


The people have the right to know.

Will Baker
Brandon, Manitoba.”

Feel free to discuc and share your thoughts.


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