The Luciferian Sciptures.

This is part of an ongoing attempt of mine at creating a compenndium of Luciferian writings and history. Originally concieved of as an idea to write a Luciferian Bible in which I would contribute a few chapters and/or intros to chapters and include various Luciferian writings from other Luciferian authors  and orgs. Since I did’nt want to make it all about me or make the same mistake Anton Lavey did with his Satanic Bible and just promote MY version of Luciferianism{as he did with Satanism and his SB/CoS and has many other occultists have done} and try to monopolize Luciferianism or make a mere ego trip or money making scheme. Thus I have sought to get writings from other Luciferian authors and orgs to add to the book, depending on how much I personally contributed to the books writings I would or would;nt put my name on the book as it’s author or at most would’ve just made sure I was mentioned on the cover or something as the intro writer and compiler or something, I do not wish more credit than I earn of course.

However, the project has been slow as I have been slow in writing{I have written some material and chapters for the book idea, but I do not really wish to go ahead with it if I cannot get much more material from other authors and orgs, and though I have mentioned this project idea several times to various authors and orgs, I’ve received little feedback or seeming interest in the project. One organization that did show interest is the Neo-Luciferian Church of Denmark, in responding to let me know I could add their writings or at least add Ben Kadoshs{ie: Carl William Hansen} “Dawn of a new morning.  The Return of the worlds master builder, Lucifer-Hiram” written in 1906{the first ever publication of a Luciferian book or booklet by the first person in history to call themselves “Luciferian” on the public record}. But, I wish to have more interest and permission from others as well, as, again, I only wish to see an objectively written/compiled Luciferian Bible/book for avaliability to the general public to read and learn about Luciferianism, and not just another personal grimoire or a book written monopolizing another occult or left hand path for ego and profit, as the occult world, including the Luciferian path, allready has many of those.

Thus, for now, unless and until there is more interest and response and contribution to this project as a mutually done project{thus I could at most be seen as a project initiator/starter , possibly a contributer/co-author at most}, I have decided that in order to present this compendium of info to the general public, to for now, just have a bunch of links to writings and some basic info on this blog in form of this post.

Thus without further ado, I present- LUCIFERIAN SCIPTURES{net version}:

Origins/history of Luciferianism: By yours truly.

Carl William Hansen{under pen name: Ben Kadosh}- “Dawn of a new morning. The return of the worlds master builder. Lucifer-Hiram”; this link requires a facebook account to get to. Unfortunately this is the only way to read this booklet online at this time. It is presented as a PDF file on the “Neo-Luciferian Church of Denmark” facebook group:

Some Key quotes from Hansens/Kaodosh’s “Lucifer-Hiram”:

*Lucifer is “The true light that breaks forth from darkness”*

*”LUCIFER is the “SUM”, or EGO, of the material nature, the creating LOGON and FORCE! Both
personal and impersonal or individual and non-individual, as any other thing in nature, and as we
want it. In fact he is the thing and the individual in third person. If one is in possession of the
necessary keys or knowledge of his unfolding, one can unchain him, evoke or call him forth; but if
not in possession of these, one must be content with having him in spirit, disembodied, and
according to the written description of him.
LUCIFER in his own image, is not the foolish character some have wanted to turn him into, but a
true physical reality, though of a semi-material nature.
Just like the creative force in the immaterial, abstract, disembodied yet nevertheless functional
nature inspires contemplation and exploration, so does energy in form of matter transforming into
life – that, to us humans, is the most positive, and a substitute of the abstract, functional part of
nature – also deserve attention.
LUCIFER is the potency of force in living matter, in an individual personified form, the “Sum” of
the creating nature.
As propaganda for this Sum or Ego of the creating nature, is this little writing of agitation
published, and whose task therefore is to be: the working towards enthronement of the Ancients’
Pan-Ideals and Pan-Substitutes – springing from an inner comprehension of them and their value,
and thereby the acquisition of them – and their worship.”*

EXALTATION, and (Venus) in the House of the Moon 1st decanate — becomes a Son of
ILDABAOTH or his heir.
LUCIFER becomes the true esoteric outer of PAN! Equal to: THE FACE OF THE DARK
ENERGY! THE DARK ENERGY – BEGETTING LIGHT is exactly the true image – unfortunately
rather misunderstood – of LUCIFER! LUCIFER is the Creator of all things – the reality of PAN!
What follows from that, is that PAN is not the unimportant character – who man in his, for the
most part, childish and naive imagination has wanted to turn him into – who allow humans to play
tricks on him at pleasure.
LUCIFER in his true reality and highness is Divine Majesty!
There is a reason why his jewelry is THE MORNINGSTAR.
But under the Morning star: VENUS. VENUS is the clothing of LUCIFER.”*

*”LUCIFER, “THE GROWN UP CHILD”, is Life and the principal support and creator of it. Thus
also the MATERIAL UNDERGROUND and SUPPORT. From this the title: THE WORLD’S
SARCOPHAGUS. He is: THE HUMAN SERPENT – in a double significance – THE

Thus in his entirety LUCIFER LIOSBER is a Reality and no Illusion. The Worship of Him, the
hunted Wolf, has its justification. And to make Him, the injured, come to, and re-possess his lost
position, is it that I contribute this writing, and hereby recommend it to the good will of my readers.”*


More on Hansen/Kadosh; written by Per Faxneld:


The Neo-Luciferian Manifesto. Written and courtesy of the Neo-Luciferian Church of Denmark{on facebook page, PDF file}:

Here I present to you the Neo-Luciferian Manifesto directly:

“There is a god –in humans and in nature. He is Lucifer, the lightthat breaks forth from darkness, the masculine manifestation of thefeminine primeval principle that made him and rule through him, “theBlack Flame”, the projection of life’s core itself. A goddess unifiedwith her god –a creative force in the universe. Lucifer is god in a timewithout gods.”
-Tau Lucem Fero

1. Lucifer is the deity of illumination, education and insight.
Stupidity, conscious rejection of facts that doesn’t suit into your philosophy of life, blind belief in old dogmas, fear of seeking answers, is the mentality of slaves and henchmen, not leaders and individualists. The Neo-Luciferian Church celebrates the strong, illumined man, unafraid of insight – even when this insight is in opposition to common norms.
2. Lucifer is the deity of pride.
Lucifer represents pride, self-esteem and knowledge of your own worth. The fear of success and the fear of standing out from the gray masses, are tokens of weakness. The mediocre is not a golden middle way, but a symptom of lack of self-esteem – a forerunner of jealousy against, and condemnation of, those who are doing well. The creative, producing and communicating individual contributes to the evolution of the world. The lazy and passive man, the camp follower who wallow in his own mediocrity, is like a parasite on the living tree of life.
3. Lucifer is the deity of freedom.
Freedom of choice and the right to formulate individual moral values are the tokens of an illumined society. Every human has an unconditional right to its own body, including its own sexuality. This unconditional right is for everybody: no one should be a victim of other people’s uncontrolled behavior. The mature and conscious man has the right to eat, drink and consummate what he want and when he want it – if only he’s responsible for the implications by doing so. Likewise man has the right to die when and how he will. Those who hinder these rights for humanity must expect merciless opposition from those who fight freedom’s cause.
4. Lucifer is the deity of prosperity.
Prosperity and success are roads to freedom and increased self-determination, if used correctly. Striving towards higher goals is something natural to both humans and animals. In the lion’s flock the male fights to be the strongest and most impressive. In the human flock it’s the hunt for riches and fame that motivates. Ambition, striving, putting future goals into perspective and stubborn persistence in the increase of possibilities are aims that is celebrated in the Neo-Luciferian Church. False humility, toady backscratching and self-pretentious behavior are cowardness and the mark of those who want, but cannot bear, prosperity.
5. Lucifer is a primeval force.
A primeval darkness gave birth to the light. Light was a condition for life. The forces of nature are called by many names in the religions and philosophies of the world. The fearsome man worshipped humbly this marvel of creation, ascribed moral values to it, dictatorial rules of life and submitted to these self-invented norms. Shame, guilt, self-abasement and self-sacrifice in the name of a fictive god, is something alien to the Neo-Luciferian. The divine force, which is, is not occupied with moral values – just as little as electricity, magnetism or gravity is. Lucifer is a name for this primeval force in the universe, but also a personified, as well as abstract, reality. Not like a dictatorial father or elder brother, but as a force that can be mobilized by the knowing and willful human, Homo Volens.

“We must away from the human – towards theinferiorly considered animal –if we want tofind the image of God in its closest possiblefulfillment and reality – not to wind up on alower spiritual and intellectual plane than wewere on before the transition, but in order toend up on a higher.”
– Ben Kadosh

© The Neo-Luciferian Church, 2005 e.v.


“The Luciferian Manifest”- By the Ordo Luciferi{Luciferian Order}. Posted at

Intro to the Ordo Luciferi:


“What is a Luciferian and who is Lucifer?” by Jeremy Crow:

More from Jeremy Crow:

“The Luciferian Research Society”:


“Kosmology: Luciferian philosophy” by Jeremy Christner, from{originally published as a book; then later he wrote “Lanterns of the firmament” and then later compiled both books into one named “Order of the skeleton key”. Christner presents gnostic Luciferianism}: “Kosmology”=


Luciferian Satanism writings. There are others, but the most comprehensive Luciferian Satanist writings are by Michael W.Ford. Not strictly “Luciferian”, sometimes much more “Satanist”, Chaote Sethianist Ford is both and his writings are both, sometimes one more than the other{usually more satanist”, but he still presents some valuable Luciferian writings/info as well}=

“The order of Phosphorus”-


The author of the following site is not a Luciferian, but his articles on it are some of the most objective and comprehensive done by a non-Luciferian. Highly reccomended as a basic referance to leanr ABOUT Luciferianism.

Whole site:

Also not by a Luciferian, but a succint brief on Luciferianism:


Witch of the forest grove- “Luciferian witchcraft” or a form of Pagan Luciferianism, by Sarah Lawless-


“The Nine Faces of Lucifer: Lord of Light” by Richard Leviton{2003}.; A wonderful look at some of the incarnations of Lucifer- lord of light:


The Church Lucifer{Children of the black rose}-


The Church of Lucifer. Modern Luciferian Satanism organization:


Some writings by Lilith Ashtarte:!__alenglish


Some Luciferian Youtube channels:

Jeremy Crows Luciferian channel{non-sectarian gnostic leaning Luciferianism}:

Michael W.Fords Luciferian Satanism channel:


Wikipedia Luciferian article:


That’s all for now, may add more later. 😉


13 thoughts on “The Luciferian Sciptures.

  1. mbman says:

    Great Blog Will. Its my pleasure to follow it 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Awaken In Light and commented:
    Great batch of resources listed here for anyone interested in learning more about Luciferianism from perspectives other than my own!

    • will9baker says:

      Thank you Awaken in light 🙂 And thanks for following this blog. If you will, please share with others who may be interested in finding out about Luciferianism. 🙂 I appreciate the comment 🙂 Love, light, liberty, and freewill to you and yours. LVX!

  3. will9baker says:

    Thank you Awaken in light 🙂 And thanks for following this blog. If you will, please share with others who may be interested in finding out about Luciferianism. 🙂 I appreciate the comment 🙂 Love, light, liberty, and freewill to you and yours. LVX!

  4. Pneumatikos says:

    Excellent informative blog!
    I just graduated from nursing school and have big plans for my blog as well as upcoming books in collaboration with the Luciferian Research Society and my dear friend and Brother Jeremy Crow. I would love to include your blog in the list of Luciferian and Left Hand Path links that I will be posting soon.
    Rock on!
    Tau Pneumatikos

    • will9baker says:

      As for my book, I’ve put it on hold for awhile since I felt it was’nt really goin anywhere. My hope was to write some chapter intros and perhaps a chapter on the history of Luciferianism and a couple other chapters. Otherwise I mostly wanted to just encourage other Luciferians to allow me to include major writings in it, to make it an open compendium book on Luciferianism, that could perhaps bne added to in the future. At most I’m just looking to be seen as one representtaive of many, making $$$ off it or making a BIG name for myself are not too important to me. A little $ would be nice of course, I am a poor man{disabled and on disability}. I just wanted to see a major book out there on Luciferianism that would detail and include others writings, like the Christian or Muslim scriptures or like Crowleys/Thelemas “gems from the equinox”, to put on the market for hopefully a low, fair price to make Objective{nunaded infor about the various subsects and history} Luciferian scriptures/writings/information avaliable to the common person. I believe it’s about time. 🙂
      But yeah, not much writing to contribute myself, just a little. The worlkd needs a accessable compendium obout Luciferianism avaliable to it.
      Anyways, was’nt able to generate very much interest from other Luciferians in the project, though I did manage, as the above post says, to receive the Neo-Luciferian Chuches permission to include “Dawn of a new morning…” in it with kind regards and thanks to them for it. I would love to see a book with all the above writings/authors included for easy common person accesss and fair prices{like Bibles are for example}. So, until more interest is generated, and perhaps till I get more writings done myself, I have shelved it. But this blog and this above particular post should suffice for time bing as a useful tool for those wishing to research Luciferianism, it’s writings and authors and thinkers. I tried to include as many links to as many sebsect sites, writings, and authors as I could dig up on the net. 🙂

  5. Pneumatikos says:

    Will, please contact me either through my blog or on FB in a private message. I would love to contribute to your book.

    • will9baker says:

      Unfortunatley I’m not on facebook. I was. But I got booted 3 times this year, each time it weas shortly after posting stuff about mens rights activism and critisizing feminism; my presumption is that some feminists complained to facebook, reported me or something, and thus I was booted. I rejoined a couple time and shortly after saying stuff that offended some feminists or about mens rights activism, I got booted again. I’ve given up rejoining, lol!
      Perhaps I’ll join it again sometime, I’ll let you know and friend you if and when I do. 🙂

  6. will9baker says:

    Thanks Pneumatikos. I appreciate your encouraging comments.
    I joined the Luciferian Research Society site some time back, have’nt visited the site in quite a while though, forgot passowrd, lol! Will have to email them or Jeremy for it again, and/or get a new one, I really should visit it and contribute there more often. I really apreciate Jeremy, the Ordo Luciferi, and what they have contributed to the Luciferian movement. Brilliant work on his and their part, and the same goes for you as well. 🙂

    • Pneumatikos says:

      The admin at the LRS does not have access to passwords, but I think you can just go to the site and request one from ning.

      I’m active on the site again after two long years in nursing school. My team and I are also putting together the 2nd International Left Hand Path Conference in Indianapolis. The first one was in Toronto.

      • will9baker says:

        I pretty much don’t censor myself, lol! But I had had feminists on my friends list who had complained to me about my critisisms of feminism and my stats and facts on mens rights/fathers rights and violence against men by women. Feminists really are very sensitive and over-react and often seek to punish{or have punished} those who offend them and their beliefs. It’s quite sad.

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