On Bohemian Grove and the religion of the global power elites

I’ve been hearing alot about this Behomian Grove in California, whe rich elites and powerholders meet once a year and have rituals, including a ritual “mock” sacrifice to the owl god Moloch. It is said to be comprised of primarily babylonian and druidic elements.

Famous conspiratologist Alex Jones infilitrated the grove in the year 2000 and filmed what they saw for a documentary expose.

In his video{WHICH CAN BE ORDERED OR EVEN WATCHED ON YOUTUBE FOR FREE}, Jones does’nt show us the faces of ANY of the “power elites” in attendence, these could’ve been mostly semi-welathy middle classers, the cost in only 25,000 dollars to go once, but 5000 more each year to remain a member. That’s a cost that not only super rich elites can afford, but even some middle classers.  Jones’s video does’nt show us any, hence we have no way of being sure how many, if any REALLY elite power holders were actually in attendence, at least when he went. However, we know from media stories on it that indeed some elite power elites have been. People from the Bushes and to Ronald Reagan, to rich business and bankers and so on. A ticket to attend it and view the ritual,etc. Which makes it seem like more a wealthy and SEMI-wealthy persons modern day “hellfire club”…though without the satanic symbolism.

Jones and others have been going around calling Bohemian Grove and it’s members “Luciferian”, actually he has a serious hate on for Luciferianism, a withhunt attitude towards us, as he always calls the elites in general…Luciferians. This is a Luciferianism that seems to exist only in Jones’s mind and minds of other conservative christian conspiracy theorists, as there is NOTHING ACTUALLY “Luciferian” in Bohemian Groves ritual and symbolism. There IS, however plenty of pagan{not neopagan} and some basic occult symbolism in it. As a Luciferian myself for about a decade, I’ve found NOTHING to show that these symbols are even Luciferian in origin, some of them, such as the owl, may be revered as a symbol of wisdom, by SOME{including myself}, but they, and least of all the owl or the deity Moloch, are not held up as a specifically or especially important symbol correlating directly with the path(s) of Luciferianism. Also, Luciferianism reveres living things and individual freewill of sentient beings, this is inherent in the path(s), while it is true some may see the flesh as a bad thing and this material and mortal realm or coil as bad, such as some gnostic Luciferian paths, respect for every individual freewill and not imposing ones own on another is a basic principle inherent in all Luciferian paths. That is, if the sacrifice at Bohemian Grove is real, which I’m inclined to think unlikely, but who knows, perhaps? It’s likely all just staged, like a good play at a theatre, it’s called getting catharsis, psychopomp, it’s all symbolic. The elites don’t need to sacriice anything or one at their Bohemian Grove meeetings anhow, they allready do plenty of human sacrifice through less obvious means and don’t care. And that’s really the point here. That these people are NOT SPECIFICALLY “Luciferian”. They are just sociopaths revelling in a mock ritual and in their own ill gotten excess. Are of of them genuine Occultists? Without doubt, yes. That is obvious; however, some of them are likely not at all serious about any of the occult trappings or even a belief in magick. It’s complex.  And it’s individual, not collective, amongst them. The point is also that the rituals at Bohemian Grove are not Luciferian or even Satanist, they are particularly Babylonian, Druidic, and with a touch of freemasonry{scottish rite/sect if I’m not mistaken}.

These elites are’nt even likely Druids or pagans or real believers in Babylonian mythology. What they ARE, what their religion IS, is first and foremost – capitalism, but also they are heavily Randian/Objectivist{which BTW Laveyan or CoS Satanism also is; howeverthere seems to be no satanist rituals involved or symbols involved …at all…at Bohemian Grove, let alone Luciferian ones}. I also susp[ect a smidgen of Illuminism/Illuminatism amongst them, but NOT Adam Weishupts original Illuminati{or the order of perfectabalists}- who were ANTI-establishment, ANTI- aristocratic oppression/abuse, for absolute liberty….with concience}, I will say more on the Illuminati in future posts, for now it is enough to say that though the original Illuminati was disbanded, some of it’s members did keep the vision going…a corrupted version of it, no more TRUE Illuminati/Illuminism than the Crsaders and Inquisitors and withhunters and capitalist elite Christians were or are representing true Christianity or the vision of Jesus Christ. In short, the Illuminati, as coneived by Professor Adam Weishupt became corrupted through some ill concieved methods of how the org would operate. I believe his original vision was likely a good one, but having spies and counter-spies in his org as a method and the creation of a heirarchy..WITHING the org/group{they were outwardly philanthropic and egalitarian to society, but semi-opressive to themselves, ironically}..this corrupted a great vision and idea, and that corruption MAY be continuing into today, however there is no sure way to be sure these elites even consider themselves as Illuminati or Illuminists or “perfectabalists”, thus it’s knda irrelevent, can’t blame the Illuminati, as originally concieved, for the corruption of today inside it, anymoere than you can blame christ or the original and true Christians for the corruption of the Catholic Church/Vatican, or right wing neocon capitalist western christianity or the abuses of the later insitutions that abuse the original ideas and founders visions.

Given the several cultural components of their rituals at Bohemian Grove, and also in their daily lives with whatever other religions that absue to set up as a scapegoa{Chistinaity for example; many pretend to be christians…to set christianity up for their crimes, just as they use pagan and occult symbolisms and rituals to do the same to these paths and cultures/subcultures, to direct attention away from them and have us throwing stones at each others religions/et instead. And it seems the conspiracy is working, you’ve got atheists and pagans and luciferians and satanists and muslims and others all pointing the finger of blame at each other and/or each others paths, mindlessly, like puppets. And it seems that Alex Jones and his ilk are amongst those who have fallen for it, Jones has allowed his a-priori PREJudice/bigotry towards “Luciferianism” to cloud his objective judgement and begin a withhunt against us, but there areLuciferians and others who blame christianity alone too who start withhunts of their own on christians/christianity…as a whole, out of their own a-priori bigoted prejudices, and the cycle of idiocy conitnues.

What IS the religion of the elites? Whom are using ALL SORTS of religions and paths to do their majick, to decieve, to set up as falls guys/scapegoats and further flame prejudiced finger pointing from the religions/paths at each other…a distraction, part of the elites tricks. What DO the elites actually believe? What IS their religion{aside from capitalism and sociopathy- including for most of them Randianism/Objectivism and/or social darwinism}? It is none and all. Yes, these men[and women} of the elites are occultists or perhaps even dark pagans{nothing about the Bohemian Grove ritual and symbols, for example, actually is all that “Occult” oriented or derived, most of it seems to be some form of nature based paganism}, or rather let me qualify that, SOME of them are, some are likely not truly into occult arts or magick, but may indeed have lackeys working for them that ARE, utilizing them and their magicks. These elites therefore, by ALL INDICATIONS of someone who actually knows what he’s talking about, are Chaote Occultists/pagans{ie: of the philosophy and practice of chaos magick}. Chaotism in it’s pure form is when one does’nt believe anything is true{or the ONLY TRUE}…Therefore, all is permitted. Chaotism is to the occult world what the evangelical and charismatic movements are to Christianity, non-sectarian or at least LESS sectarian. I use chaotism myself, but am specifically inclined towards a symbolic and philiosophical spiritual paradigm of LuciferianismPand also Panen-Deism}, but I’m not completelty dogmatic in it, thus the chaos magick influence. These elites do not have any inclinations religiously/spiritually, they are not of a set paradigm, they are simply chaos magicians using whatever works, andything and everything. Hence why they do the Bohemian Grove pagan magick, but also the going to Church every sunday and dooing the christian magick and having a mock/fake drinking of the blood and eating the flesh of a visionary mystic and ethecist man called Jesus Christ, Christian Church or Behomeian Grove, both utilize symbols of death..and also symbols of life, at Boehmian there is a fake human sacrifice, in church…a fake cannbalistic rite. I am continually flabberghasted at the hypocrisy of  conservtive Christians like Jones{etc}, their audacity, hypocrisy, in demonizing others religions, scapegoating them, thinking it so wrong fro them to have symbols representing death{and life} and symbolic rituals that involve things such as mock sacrifice or things that are dark or grusome, when they go to their churches and mock cannibilize their own god/prophet/a man that actually lived. It seems like the height of hypocritical double standarded cognitive dissonance. How would Jones feel if someone came into his church and filmed him mock cannibalizing Christ and then claiming this made him evil and sadistic. I’m not saying the Bohemian Grove elites are not sadistic and evil, just that to condemn and demonize another path for symbolism and rituals relating to death and so-called “dark” imagery, when their own also has such dark and death related symbolism and magickal ritual too. It’s the height of bigotry and hypocrisy, and I’m calling Jones and his bigoted against Luciferianism ilk out for their witchhunt against Luciferianism/Luciferians, accusing our path(s) of being something they are not. And worst of all.scapegoating our path for the evils of the global power elites, seriously..Jones and others like him, get your facts straight and stop this baseless hate and withhunt.

I respect what Jones and others have done in exposing and fighting the global power elites and their conspiracies against the people. But this baselessly scapegoating of Luciferians/Ism, and of ALL OF occultism{got news for ya Jones, your christian rituals..ARE occultism, in the objective use of that word, they are also a form of “magick” and witchcraft; to argue against this fact would just be an argument in semantics}. The elites do not have a paradigm. They practice chaos magick{chaos magick btw is not “evil”, it is a method and can be used for benevolently or malevolently, it ,like occultism and magick..is merely a tool, tools are not benevolent or malevolent, it is in how you use the tool and fo what purposes}.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. The religion of the elites…and it is NOT what Jones and his ilk are saying it is. Jones and his ilk need to aknowledge this fact, that their scapegoating of Luciferianism{and of Satanism, as a whole} and of the occult and various other things he seeks to demonize..is based on him being shallow in his knowledge/understandinmg of these things, a-priri PREjudgementally bigoted towards. The accusations are at most “half truths”. I ask Jones, as fellow freedom fighter, as a fellow conspiratologist against the global power elites..to get this straight and to admit it and back down on the scapegoating in his own PREjudice. Same for many other conspiratologists, please get your facts right. I, for one, am not going around claiming there is a christian conspiracy..even though christianity is the biggest sect in the world, even though many power holders or rich elites are christians or muslims or jews/abrahamics, I ask the same favor from Jones and his ilk, don’t do so to us. Recognize that the elites are using your misunderstandings, they too don’t care if Luciferians/etc gtet scapegaoted….as a fall guy, for THEIR crimes, no more than they do if christiaity gets the blame, or atheism, od druidism, or islam. They don’t care. That is why they are not and CANNOT be “Luciferian”. And Jones, has it occured to you that with all the tech and security at the disposal of these elites that you could’ve so easily infiltrated their event/ritual, they knew you were theer from the get go, they allowed you see and film it purposefully, because they knew what you dod’nt..that it would make you look crazier and also bigoted{scapegoating Luciferians and Pagans}, had it been a REAL sacrifice, do you REALLYthink these power holders would’ve allowed you in so easily? Come on Alex, you’ve gotta be smrater than that. You only saw and filmed it because theye did’nt care if you did, because it was faked/staged, in part…to fuck with your head and get you on a withhunt tirade against Paganism and Luciferianism….a distraction for the public and a means to set up Luciferians and Pagans via you naivety and misundertandings about these things

You’ve aided them in setting us up as the fall guys for their crimes, even though our paths are OPPOSED to the horrible things they do and their false motives. Thanks Alex for making our lives a living hell of persecution and demonization and for spurring futuire withhunts. Thanks to the elites for using Alex, unbekownst to him, to set us up as their scapegoat. You’ve all done a great job at conspiring against us and against the truth..and therefore. the people.

LVX! The light of the cross. 93×3. AbraHADbra. The true light that breaks forth from darknesss. Hail Prometheus, Ave Lucifer, IO Pan! BRAH-men. Glory Phi-God!


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