Occultists, magickians, witches, and others cursing the global power elites.

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William “Promelvx” Baker


Who or what is Lucifer? and what is Luciferianism?

Lucifer is a word derives from the combination of the latin words “Lvx'{pronouned “Lux”; which means “Light”} and Ferrer”. From Wikiedia”- It “is the King James Version rendering of the Hebrew word הֵילֵל in Isaiah 14:12. This word, transliterated hêlēl or heylel, occurs only once in the Hebrew Bible and according to the KJV-influenced Strong’s Concordance means “shining one, morning star, Lucifer”.[1] The word Lucifer is taken from the Latin Vulgate,[2] which translates הֵילֵל as lucifer,[3][4] meaning “the morning star, the planet Venus” (or, as an adjective, “light-bringing”).[5] The Septuagint renders הֵילֵל in Greek as ἑωσφόρος[6][7] (heōsphoros),[8][9][10] a name, literally “bringer of dawn”, for the morning star.[11] Kaufmann Kohler says that the Greek Septuagint translation is “Phosphoros“.[2]  ” – Wikipedia

Contrary to popular misconception, Lucifer is neither a name nor title used for a fallen angel in the Christian Bible. The name/title does not appear in the bible at all, except as a mistranslation and a mis-indentification. The Bible Refers in  Isaiah 14:12 supposedly to the fall of the christian fallen angel concept of Lucifer. Except that the passage refers not to a fallen angel, but to a human king who was bestowed with the title “shining one” and “morning star”, in hebrew – hêlēl or heylel, as mentioned in the first paragraph of this article. Long story short, the words and meanings got confused only centuries later by the Christian Church, and that not until centuries after the founding of Christianity, after the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church as the universal church{imposed} for centuries{until the Protestant revolution and churches and doctrines started being  founded}.  It really became popular  name for the Christian Satan[also a mistranslated concept from a misunderstoof word] around the time poet Dante wrote “Inferno” in the 1300’s and then again repopularized by poet John Milton in his famous epic “Paradise Lost”, published in 1667.

Luciferianism has two or three distinct births or rebirths in history. The first birth of it was in 1300’s Germany whilst the Roman Catholic church was conducting it’s infamous “inquisitions” and heresy hunting. There were several gnostic sects that they were persecutin at the time, such as the Cathars and Ophites for example, both of whom were influential on the Luciferian sect which the Churches officials became aware of and hunted/persecuted along with the gnostic sects. Though Cathrism and Ophitism and Luciferianism were and are not the same thing, they had some similar concepts or ideas and symbols at the time, which the Church confused as being synonyous and therefore sometimes mis-identified Ophites and Catahars as luciferian, and it is possible some of them were, but the traditions or paths were not synonymous. The Luciferian sect was’nt very big if we are to believe official historical accounts, but rather many gnostics were mis-identified as Luciferian. However there is some evidence of a real sect of Luciferians or perhaps that the Luciferians were not even a sect so much as a group of Individuals within or from various other sects, such as the gnostics, and perhaps also inverse christianity at the time. The testimony of one Luciferian, Lepzet{or Lepner} in the inquisitions is compeling evidence that the Luciferians were real and not just imaginary…as a demonization of gnostic sects and heretics and people of other paths. Lepzets testimony would be less compleiing if he were giving it in a Catholic/religious court of the time, but his was done in a secular court of the time, which would have been a little more impartial than the religious courts. If we are to believe the account he gives as well as some of the other claims made by the Luciferians of the time or by historians identifying the sect/group, the Luciferians were either or both Polytheists or Henotheists who worhipped Lucifer as a god of enlightened freedom…like the greek divine torch stealer/bearer titan demi-god Prometheus, and they were either gnostics or inverse Christians, some may have been a type of Pantheist.

The rebirth of Luciferianism, distinctly, was in 1906 when Danish milkman, wandering bishop, freemason and occultist, and self-proclaimed “Luciferian”{he later was the first individual to ever call thesmelves ‘Luciferian” on a national census, in a public manner} Carl William Hansen{Pen Name: Ben Kadosh}, when he penned his work “Dawn of a new morning. The return of the worlds master builder, Lucifer-Hiram”..inspired by gnosticism, freemasonry, western occultism, and enligtenment thought, as well as drawin on mythological sources idenitifying his Lucifer with the greek God Pan{and pan(en)theistic idea of “pan”- “all”}, as well as with the Qabbalistic Samael{as well as his female consort Lillith,  a goddess and/or demon/daimon- daimon is greek for “inspiring spirit”} celebrated by many modern Luciferians as well as people on other paths}, and with the gnostic Yaldabaoth{meaning child of chaos or child of darkness}- whom is said to be the “demiurge”{a demiurge is a creator deity, in some shcools of though the demiurge is either a evil or ignorant emanation deity of the primal chaos pre-cosmos and pre-creator/demiurge; in others the demiurge may be seen as a emanting deity, the first, the deus/deity/creator which is the first incipient conciousness or sentience….emanted from the prinal chaos/darkness and still in others from the goddess Sophia it’s divine mother – equivlent to the Qabbalistic Ain Soph- which means “limitless light”, Sophia or Ain Soph being the first somewhat aware conciousness…some Luciferians such as myself may intrpret this mother as an ellegory for the divine sub-conciousness, further complexified by the a semi-deualistic concept of it/her being beside or a part of or emanation of the primal chaos…or dakrness..also called Aperion- in greek, which means “boundles{and/or boundless darkness} as well as the Qabblaistic “Da’ath- which itself could be thought of metaphorically as the divine father..or “Daa’ther if ye will ~wink~, and daath itself being the divine unconiousness…which emanates from itself the limitless light or as the dakness and limitless light, father and mother eternally and infinitelty existant…I like to symbolize the two- the divine unconcious and subconcious as the Taoist Yin/Yang symbol, captures the concept nicely- giving birth to demiurge/divine conciousness…which emanates from or within itself all that exists}. Today Lucuferians may adopt to these ideas and symbols or may adopt only some of them, depending on the subsect and/or individual.

Luciferians third birth or 2nd rebirth comes after Anton Lavey founded his Church of Satan and his Satanic Bible, which became highly influntial on many, not all, forms of modern Satanism. This is where Luciferianism and Satanism become confused as synonymous with many because many modern Luciferians are inspired, in part, byt Lavey/CoS/satanic bible. Many came to Luciferianism FROM Modern Satanism or even theistic/spiritual Satanism, and/or also as partly or strongly influenced by both traditional Luciferianisms as well as perhaps modern satanism, and also Thelema and Aleister Crowley, Chaotism/chaos magick, and other occult paths as well as other paths, philosophies, symbols, sects, or ideas{depending on the individual Luciferian. A prime example of this what could be called Luciferian Satanism is Texan occultist Luciferian Satanist{amongst other things} Michael W.Ford, who is a musician and an author, whom has penned and publishedover a dozen popular Luciferian and Satanist Occult Grimoires, such as “Luciferian Witchcraft”, “The bible of the adversary”, “Book of the witch moon”, “Maskim Hul- Babylonian Magick”, “Adamu”, and others. Ford and his works are somewhat controversial and disputed in some Luciferian circles or sects that are purely Luciferian with little to no Satanism in them, due to his stuff beeing more “Satanic” in nature and symbolism and ins ome of the ideas. However, as I have mentioned there are at least several subtypes or sects of Luciferianism, and as far as I am concerned, Luciferian Satanism as per Ford and his type, are as legitimate as any other type of Luciferianism or influences on it. Luciferian Satanism refers alot to deities and paths inspired by ancient Egypt, such as Set{or Setianism/Sethianism}, as well as to Chaos magick, to Babylonian and Assyrian deities and myth, and to others that other types of Luciferians or Luciferianisms may not make as much referance too. This type of Luciferianism also includes the satanic referances to the demons or daimons of the Shem Ham Forsh{72 spirits originally invoked by King Solomon,  one of the kings in the Judeo-Christian bibles, also the one said to have penned the book of proverbs in the Jewish and Christian bibles}..and which also refers to a 72 lettered name of the hebrew god Yahweh/Jehovah as well.

There are several types of Luciferianism, as mentioned above. Gnostic Luciferianism{generally of a pantheistic  nature or even a anti-deistic nature; but this varies, indeed some gnostic luciferians may embrace deistic concepts for example}- a great example of a modern gnostic Luciferian is Jeremy Crow{a popular and reputed quasi-gnostic Luciferian whose Luciferianism is also sort of syncretistic or non-sectarian; I for one identify with this same principle of non-sectarian and syncretistic Luciferianism though i have inclinations towards neo-gnostic luciferianism and modern chaote luciferianism},  as well as Jeremy Christner{who penned “Kosmology: Luciferian philosophy”, “Lanterns of the firmament”, and the combo of the two repackaged and retitled – “Order of the skeleton key}, Neo-Gnostic-Luciferianism{deistic/pantheistic}, Modern Luciferianism and Luciferian Satanism{generally either atheist/agnostic, deist/pantheist, polytheist, actualy kinda runs the gammut in terms of what kinda theology is a part of it}- modern luicuiferianism can sometimes be a combining of all the various types/sects and syncretizing them. There are others. But these are the main ones. With Lucifer being seeing in various sects and individual Luciferians as either {or perhaps all} a demiurge/emanating creator god{as above, so below; all that is a part of it…and therefore divine}, or as a indivudal image of GMA{God most Hight; this is the anti-demiurge/deistic concept…Lucifer is any being mythical or human or otherwise that is a bearer of the light of GMH…the ain soph/limitless light that preceeded or pre-existed the demiurge/it’s child- which is seen by some as aeither an evil or blind idiot god which thinks itself to be the first..some identify this demiurge as the god of the abrahamic faiths}, to others Lucifer is a positive or neutral concept of the a deistic god creating all things or perhaps emanting all things from itself{a sort of Pan-Deistic or Panen-Deistic concept}. For sake of brevity I will not get here into defining and explaining what Deism, Pantheism{and comboes thereof} or Polytheism other “categories of belief about the divine” are, but encourage the reader to look them up in their own time, whether via books or simply googling or wikipedia them.

Luciferians{in general} see Lucifer variously as a god, force, principle, or set of symbolic principles about being  a light-bearer, but as either a dark bearer of divine light and illumination or rebel deity that steals that light from the divine{whether seen as Yahweh, Sophia/Ain Soph, or like Prometheus who stole the fire of the high god(s) from Zeus’s palace on Olympus for the purpose of sharing it with the enslaved biological or other creatures of sentience to bring them divine light wisdom and insight{Prometheus means in greek “forethought”} and of liberty and freeiwll, of creative conciousness and enlightenment. Like the serpent in the garden of eden, allegorically tied to the later Satan and/or Lucifer. And it is this same motivation that drives me and the purpose of this blog..the Peoples Luciferian. So I refer alot to the Promethian Lucifer{the benevolent righteous rebel}, but I also refer alot to Lucifer in a deistic/pantheistic{or rather PanenDeistic} sense as being the deus/deistic god{or another name for it; but merely symbollically/allegorically, not literally as the or a name of the divine mind source and the all; call it whataver you will, I often call it Natures God or simply God for conventions and conveniences sake sake}, and I also use Lucifer as meaning an image or relfection of GMH…as in any such “light bearer” mythological or literal, human or otherwise. And from this point I present to you this blog..”The Peoples Luciferian”, which is a populist Luciferianism, a Lucifer opposed to tyrannical forces. One of the purposes of this blog is to expose the global power elites, which themselves are often erroneosuly mis-indentified as luciferians or as Satanists, or as The Illuminati{itself a anti-establishment, anti-aristocratic, anti-corrupt oppressive powers philosophy and movement and org..now defunct officially, but the spirit of it carries on ~wink~. Founded originally by Bavarian professor Adam Weishupt to UNDERMINE corrupt, oppressive powers that be..not to become them and to make the same hypcoriotical errors of those powers; thus when you hear of the “Illuminati” eing specifically Luciferian or Satanist or as being the religion or philosophy of the so-called New World Order{N.W.O.}…DON’T BELIEVE IT! The Illuminati, as wella slight-bearer= Luciferians have no hand in the N.W.O. sociopathic global power elites existance or plans, do they use occult powers the N.W.O….I heavily suspect so, yes, but they are not specifically of a Luciferian or Illuminati Paradigm, rather thay are paradigmless sociopath chaotes..that is all. They use symbols and dieas from various paths{including ours as well as atheism as well as christianity, you name it they use it}- partly because of occult energies avaliable within those and/or to cause various faiths, religions,paths,etc to scapegaot each other as being the NWO, and I suspect the NWO is especially using stuff from thelema, luciferianism and satanism, as a means to set US up as the fall guy, as the scapegoat of society, so people will flasely blame and persecute and demonize or scapegoat us and our paths. It is my intent, in the name of the people, and in the name of Lucifer ,etc, to expose these hideous tricks to set us up, as wellas exposing the NWO in general and all corrupt and.or oppressive and hypocritical powers that be in this world. Also to show other conspiratologists such as Alex Jones and his fans and others that they are falsely accusing us and to hopefully put an end to that through enlightening them to the facts and the reality of it, as a fellow conspiratologist of sorts, and a lover of freewill for every sentient being, and on my own count..also reverance for the divine..of which I, of which you, of which all things are part of or derived from{theerfore contain the seed of the divine in each and every one of us}.

To quote Aleister Crowley from Liber Al Vel Legis{the book of the law; the main sacred text within Thelema..founded by Crowley; and also used by many others of many other paths as a a source material and influence as well}- “Do what thou will{will derived from greek word- “thelema”- meaning “true individual nature and purpose, or TRUE WILL”, not ‘do whatever the hell you want regardless of consequences to self or others, it is NOT  alicence to mindless sociopathic hedonism, but is more Epicurean or balanced} shall be the whole of the law. Love{agape} is the law, Love under will. Every man and woman is a star{‘star’ signifying- a individual expression of divine mind, an individual sentience experience in time/space, on it’s own individual orbit or path, and as especially pertaining to the ‘higher self’ of every individual sentience/being[ and every freewill must respect the freewill and orbit of every other..not imposing their freewill on other innocent freewills nor depriving them of what they need to live their will out as an individual sentient being}.

Thank you. Stay tuned…. ;D

William ‘Promelvx’ Baker